Catholic Schools Week

Evelyn C., Editor-in-Chief

Catholic Schools Week is a week that every student looks forward to after the long Christmas Break. Everyone gets to be out of uniform for an entire week. In the past, this week included themed days such as pajama day, crazy hair day, retro day, and character day. This week also included the school spelling bee, where two students from each grade participate in this school wide event. The spelling bee, however, is a tradition that the school will be taking a step back from this year.

This year another special event has been added. The North Shore schools are gathering together on Monday, January 27th for a shared mass celebration. St. Robert, St. Monica, St. Eugene, Holy Family, and Dominican will be joined together in the gym of Dominican High School. This will be a mass with about one thousand students.  

This year I was one of the eighth graders who had a voice in deciding the themed days for the school. We are hoping that this year a new beach theme will be approved. The students are encouraged to dress wearing beach clothes, not including actual swimsuits. Throughout this day, Wednesday the 29th of January, beach music will be playing at random times of the day. At these times the students can get up and dance! Many other favorite themes from the past will stay the same, such as crazy hair or mismatch day and pajama day.

Another eighth-grader, Mary, thinks that CatholicSschools Week “is a fun week celebrating how thankful we [are] to have a great Catholic education such as the one we receive at St. Robert.” I completely agree with Mary. Catholic Schools Week is a way of showing our appreciation for our school, and how much fun we can have during the school year. 

Days such as crazy hair day are very out of the ordinary for a school with a strict uniform policy, so it is very fun to come to school and show everyone your out-of-the-box hairstyle. This day shows each person’s individuality and creativity. People get to put colors in their hair, which is typically prohibited during the school year. Everyone gets to see what it would like if they had purple or green hair.

On another topic, 8th grader, Flan states, “[Catholic Schools Week] is really fun because we get to be out of uniform, and there are… fun themes. Also, I have always wanted to play the teachers in volleyball, and beat them.” Flan is referring to the last day of Catholic Schools Week. This is the day the 8th graders get to play the faculty in volleyball. It has been something that Flan and I have been talking about since 4th grade. It will be fun to play with my former teammates and other friends in the grade against our teachers.


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