Who’s behind the Concert

Katherine P, Saints and Leaders

Mrs. Gall is the music teacher for grades K4 to eighth grade. She prepared the Christmas Concert to wow everyone with the St. Robert student’s wonderful singing. She has been teaching at St. Robert for about a year and a half now. 

Mrs. Gall goes through many tasks in order for her to be prepared for the concert. Before Mrs. Gall can help the children learn the song, she has to pick it. To do this, she focuses on grade level and skill. She also picks music according to how appropriate it would be to have that grade level sing it. For example, Mrs. Gall gives the middle schoolers a more challenging song. She also often lets the older students choose one or two of their songs. Next, she prepares grades K4 through 8th by teaching them their songs. To teach all the children, Mrs. Gall reviews proper posture, proper singing technique, and great performance etiquette. Mrs. Gall knows that in some classes she must work on things such as language, pronunciation, and even instruments.

After all of Mrs. Gall’s preparations, everyone is always impressed by her students’ performances the night of the concert. Her expectations are always set very high for each class, for she believes in her students very much. Mrs. Gall says she advises them to “sing with their best voice, to participate in their learning of the music, and to perform our music to the best of their ability.” She does expect a bit more with the advanced grades, but overall Mrs. Gall has her expectations for the students set in stone. Also, every grade has two songs to perform in front of the audience. Mrs. Gall thinks this is an appropriate amount of songs for each grade for two reasons. The first is that she believes because the amount of time the students have to learn the songs, it is a good number to make sure the students can learn it accurately. The second reason is that it helps the concert flow well. 

After the wonderful Christmas concert in 2019, Mrs. Gall was very happy with all the work everyone put into the performance. Mrs. Gall both misses the excitement of the conert and is glad the chaos and stress of the concert is over. She explains her thoughts when she says, “I feel both relieved and sad that the concert is over. Right after the concert is over it is like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I feel so relieved, but then I have time to reflect on the concert and our preparation, and I realize how fun it was and how great everyone did and am sad that that is over.” This shows how the concert is both fun to perform in, but also can be stressful and hard to work for. Then, when the concert is over, Mrs Gall gives herself a bit of time to relax before she starts preparing for the next concert. Mrs. Gall gives herself a week to cool down after the concert, and then she gets straight to work on the next concert. This shows her dedication to her students and putting on a good show.

Mrs. Gall works very hard on all of the concert and does great on them every year. Everyone loves the concerts and are always excited to come see them. After the Christmas concert, many students and teachers are sad, but everyone is excited for the spring concert!


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