Disney’s Surprise

Audrey S, Off Campus

Throughout the years, Disney has created many hit television shows and movies. In the past, Disney’s television shows and movies aired, were loved, but then disappeared, leaving many people forgetting about these nostalgic hits. Luckily, Disney has come out with a streaming service that allows people to access their favorite childhood programs from various decades. Disney Plus streams most movies and shows that Disney has produced in their long history. Many people enjoy Disney Plus because the price is very affordable, and going into the new decade, people are going to want to hold onto their favorite Disney memories.

There are many different ways one can access Disney Plus. The Disney Plus team is very smart because they not only make the price per month low, but they give incredibly cheap deals. For example, a family can purchase Disney Plus for only $6.99 per month to access not only Disney classics, but binge-worthy television series and movies from Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar, and the Star Wars series. Along with offering all of this media at such a cheap price according to Evie, an 8th grader, her family gets Disney Plus free for one year because they have the Verizon Home Network. Disney is now offering packaged bundles as well; for increased price users can get access to Disney Plus, ESPN, and other Disney-owned media.

Along with the deals to Disney Plus, many people who have gotten Disney Plus previously enjoy the Disney cable channel, whose shows can be found on the streaming platform. Trixie, an eighth grade student who is an avid watcher of Disney Plus, loves that she can always binge her nostalgic Disney shows from when she was younger. Before Disney Plus was created, many hit television shows were aired on the Disney Channel on cable. However, the shows weren’t showed as frequently as some hoped, and people would have to buy the television shows in order to watch them whenever they wanted. With the benefits of Disney Plus, people are able to watch all of their favorite shows at once instead of buying the specific series’ from different websites.

Given the popularity of the nostalgic television shows from past years, Disney has created a way to watch an unlimited amount of Disney hits for an incredibly cheap price of only $6.99 a month. With the new decade starting, Disney has gifted the world with access to several childhood memories, which is why everyone should buy it.


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