The Last Dance: A Documentary Captivating Many


Nick W., Sports

The TV series, The Last Dance, which was co-produced by ESPN and Netflix, is the only thing the sports world has been watching during this break from regular sporting seasons. Since almost every sport has been canceled/postponed during quarantine, it was the perfect time for ESPN to release their documentary on the Bulls and Michael Jordan. The documentary went over the hardships of The Bulls Dynasty and what Michael Jordan and the franchise had to overcome to be the greatest. 

ESPN was right to release it during this break as it gains nearly 7 million viewers each episode. It is all the sports world is talking about, and it has shown many people the truths, difficulties, and successes of Michael Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls. ESPN made a smart decision to release this documentary when the public needed it the most. It was officially supposed to air later in the year, but due to demands from the public, the series was released ahead of schedule. The nation has been deprived of sports in the real world, and this series gave them not only the opportunity to watch sports but to see what it was like years ago. Due to ESPN’s ability to release the documentary earlier than they had envisioned, they gained many followers due to the community’s desperation to see sports again. 

Jack, an eighth grader from St. Robert School, states that “The Last Dance is inspiring in a way because it shows how tough these players were to get through such a tumultuous season as a franchise.” Many did not know the actual hardships that went on with the franchise and some of the players such as Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. This is one of the main reasons The Last Dance is so popular in the sports world; it tells the whole story of the Chicago Bulls. Also, the management was one thing people were surprised to learn about. The series shows how franchises can really fall apart due to who is leading them. People say this because they think Jerry Krause, the manager, did a poor job of keeping the team together. The team was led by Michael Jordan, but without a leader in the management, the team fell apart. This is just one aspect people love about the show because it addresses the reality of leadership and the importance behind it. 

One of the best parts of viewing the series was being able to see “the story from the inside of one of the greatest dynasties ever in sports history.” It gives people the experience and opportunity to watch Michael Jordan and the Bulls in their prime, and come to understand not only their successes but how they operated and lived each day. Overall, the documentary has been very impactful and has shown people what sports in general were like in this era. 

The Last Dance is an inspirational documentary showing the real life troubles of franchises and players in sports. It gave important intel that many did not know and showed the world what it meant to be part of the Chicago Bulls. The show focused on Michael Jordan because many say he was the Bulls leader and greatest player, but people will realize as they watch it has much more to do than just the game of basketball. 

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