A Short 8th Grade Year Comes to an End


Ivan Aleksic

Christina M, Daily Life

It is the end of year and a farewell to the 8th graders. Every grade awaits their turn of enjoying the fun 8th grade events, however, it is sad to say that the students this year can now only see each other digitally and are missing out on many 8th grade traditions. Despite this, the 8th graders still have enjoyed their short year, and they can’t wait until everyone can meet up with each other again. 

The short year was fun for the 8th graders as Lindsey, one 8th grader at St. Robert says she thought the year was very fun and she enjoyed spending time with friends. She further explains that the year did go downhill and took a “sharp turn” when COVID hit. Another student, Mitchell, also says, “I think the year went pretty fast and it was pretty eye-opening to realize how far we’ve come and how much we have grown together.” Despite Mitchell’s reflection on a positive year, he wished that everyone could finish together. 

There is always a bit of sadness as the 8th graders approach the end of the school year because it is their final year at the school. Many students have been at St. Robert since they were in 4K, and others have joined along the way, quickly being embraced into a new school family. Lily Littrell says, “I will miss all the people. I’ve been with the same group since kindergarten. I haven’t been the new kid since K5…and I have honestly gotten pretty attached.” A new student who arrived in 8th grade, Phoenix, also says that he is going to miss the people he met as even in the short amount of time he has been at St. Robert, he has built great friendships. 

Students in 8th grade are missing out on special 8th grade student opportunities. Many have cried for hours or have been sad ever since the news came out. Lily Littrell was very sad about the coronavirus and said, “The Coronavirus has ruined this year in so many ways; it is just not even interesting anymore. If there was any hope of any traditional 8th grade thing, don’t cross your fingers.” Many students feel the same way, that their 8th grade fun was now gone, and it was just another year of school. It is hard to ignore the canceled events: the Padre Serra tournament, the State forensics tournament, the middle school showcase, awards ceremonies, special 8th grade field trips, and even the traditional graduation ceremony. 8th graders certainly are feeling these losses in many ways.

Even though the 8th grade has not been able to do several things, parents and teachers are still giving the 8th graders special surprises. Students were very excited when most of the teachers drove by to student’s houses. It had been such a long time since they had seen their teachers, and the digital screen just wasn’t the same. Parents also set up porch step-photos. These photos were of the 8th-grade individuals, and a photographer came to each house to take the picture. Even though it may be sad that students can’t all line up in the church, it was still a very special experience. Mr. Littrell was so very kind and even is trying to make the variety show still happen. Many students look forward to the day where they can show off their skills, and Mr. Littrell made it a digital event. 

The 8th graders are at the end of their 8th-grade year. The short, but fun year has been great. The new friends everyone has made and the teachers students met have truly changed the lives of each student. Each student is very attached to St. Robert whether they show it or not, and it, unfortunately, makes the 8th graders sadder about the events they have missed. This is the end of the 2020 8th grade year. 


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