How Art Projects and DIYs Are Entertaining During Quarantine


Mercedes P., Arts

While everyone is in quarantine, one way to stay entertained during this time when seemingly everything is incredibly boring is through art projects and DIYs. Besides completing the art class assignments given each week, which is one way to get creative energy out, people can channel their energy into trying new things. With new art projects and other ways of creative expression, everyone can now do what they have always wanted to try.

Art is everywhere and inspiration can strike even in the smallest of places. Since lockdowns have begun all across the United States, many well known websites and lesser known websites that focus on arts and crafts have released articles detailing the steps and materials needed to create a variety of at-home crafts or art projects. YouTube content creators also have been using this pandemic to their advantage and making videos about things to do while in quarantine. 

Staying positive about things even in uncertain times is very important. People should look on the bright side and use this extra time they have to organize and create something. Small art projects are a great way to entertain young children and more complex projects are great for older kids. Fifth grader Cat Perez states, “I made a tin foil sculpture scene a couple of weeks ago.” She continues by saying, “I wanted to see how many different ways I could create something, and it was a great way to fill the extra time I had.” 

Another way to express your creative energy is through mask making. Mask making is a simple way to protect yourself and others when out in public while also providing a chance to  make an exciting and cool looking mask that will take up some of that freetime everyone has right now to create. Eighth grader Mara says that to fill her extra time she has “sewn a bunch of different things like quilts and masks.”

There are countless options for how to use the art and DIYs you have created. People can spend some time decorating a room in their house that seems bland or they can give some art away to family members or friends in order to brighten another person’s day. Doing an art project can take anywhere from ten minutes to a couple of hours, and completing DIYs can take a similar amount of time or even longer! Just a simple Google search for “art DIYs to do when you’re bored” can lead to endless possibilities. 

Drawing or painting a picture of the outdoors is a great way to spend some time outside while also killing some time with art. People can even host a socially distanced get together with some friends and do a craft.  Moreover, organizing a messy room or rooms even is also helpful to your household and well being and should take some time off of people’s hands. Eighth grader Elise Weske states, “I’ve been spending some time between Google Meets doodling, and drawing is a really fun way to spend that extra time.” 

Look on the brightside and use this extra time to do that art project or DIY you have always wanted to do, or even find a couple new ones to do. Find joy in trying new things, and have fun with it!   

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