Safe Summer Fun

Jane C, Editor-In-Chief

As the school year comes to close, students are starting to look forward to summer plans. With COVID-19 in mind, our graduating eighth graders gave some suggestions for safe, fun ideas. Although we can’t do some of our summer favorites this year, there are tons of new activities to do and enjoy. With some suggestions from our students, you’ll be sure to have a fool-proof happy and healthy summer. 

One eighth grader, Harry, shared that some of his favorite things to do during summer before the pandemic were hanging out with family, having larger gatherings, and going out to restaurants and parties. It is a struggle not to be able to have big gatherings and large family reunions with the current health restrictions, but he also stresses that, “I’m okay with it because I want to keep everyone safe!” It is important to have fun safely during summer and take care of your and other people’s health! 

Although many activities are unavailable due to the virus, there are so many more things to try! Some notable favorites of this eighth grade include relaxing in a hammock, biking, throwing porch parties, engaging in water balloon fights, having backyard movies, sitting around a bonfire, seeing the sunset or sunrise, having a Netflix marathon with a few friends, going to a drive-in movie, playing sand sports like volleyball or soccer, and going thrift shopping! There are tons of ways to make these things happen. 

To start a water balloon fight, go to a local drug store and grab a water balloon pack. Then spread out in the park and try to be the last to be hit. If you want to have a porch party, grab a few friends and family members and bring lots of food and board games. Sit outside on a warm day and have fun together on the porch. For a drive-in movie, ask a parent or guardian to drive you and a friend or two, find a close drive-in theater, and bring snacks. Drive-ins are a totally safe way to see a great movie and have fun times as households can easily socially distance while still socializing

Some tips to keep in mind to keep your summer totally safe are to wear a mask when indoors with non-household members or in public, keep outside as much as possible, hang out in smaller groups, and have fun. If we all make an effort to keep staying safe, soon we can get back to normal life. Until then, there are tons and tons of new things to try and enjoy! 

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