Super Bowl Hopes for the Green Bay Packers

Aaron E, Columnist

With a new football season upon fans, a resurgence of energy has arisen for the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin. A stunning start to the season promises a chance to face Super Bowl victory. Although Aaron Rodgers is near the end of his career, he may make a final trip to success. The Packers hold a great winning record and currently one of the top seeds in the NFC. For Green Bay fans every year, “It’s Super Bowl or bust.” 

The Packers have seen much improvement from last season. Their defense has gotten a lot stronger with the exception of All-Pro players, such as Jaire Alexander and Za’Darius Smith, being injured. Unfortunately, the team has been bombed with injuries all across the board. However, they still have played outstandingly. The team has even shown how their defense can play under any pressure and situation after their victory against the once undefeated Arizona Cardinals. Although injuries are surrounding the team, their winning mindset has allowed them to persevere.

On the other hand, some doubt could be created for future seasons as it is unknown if Davantae Adams or Aaron Rodgers will return after the end of this season. Fourth grade teacher and long-time Packers fan, Mr. Fedie, says this about Davantae Adams: “I’m not personally [concerned]. He will be franchised if the team can’t reach an agreement.” Since Adams is one of the top five players at his position, the team can put a franchise tag on him. A franchise tag is a tag that can keep a good player on the team for another season, but that player must be paid what other top players are being paid. The players don’t like this because if they want to leave the team, they believe that they should be able to leave the team as a free agent. 

As for starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, one student says that “it depends on how the rest of the season goes but if the Packers make the Super Bowl, he’ll stay.” Since Aaron Rodgers just turned 38 he is getting too old to be an NFL player. It may be time for him to leave the team even if the fans’ hearts argue otherwise.

Regardless of future season lineups, the NFC is for sure the stronger conference this current season due to many major players, some of which are serious threats to the Packers’ success Mr. Fedie says that “if Tom Brady is around, he will always be considered a favorite.” Brady’s Buccaneers currently hold the top seed in the NFC South with a strong winning record. Another team that is playing well this season is the Arizona Cardinals. Although the Packers have beaten the Cardinals, the high-powered offense led by star QB Kyler Murray and WR Deandre Hopkins, earlier in the year. Fortunately, the Packers have gotten wins against some top teams like these, and hopefully they will continue to play well for the remainder of the season.

In conclusion, the Packers seem to have a pretty decent chance at making the Big Game. If the rest of the year goes according to plan, the team should anticipate success. The remainder of the season will hopefully be great for fans, so look forward to Sundays with the Green Bay Packers. 


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