Honoring the Veterans

Madison K and Maribel M, Media Team

Veterans Day, a holiday that is often forgotten, is squeezed between two popular holidays across America, following Halloween, and before Thanksgiving. About 19 million veterans in the United States. Veterans Day is celebrated each year on November 11th. 

This year, to help celebrate and honor veterans, St. Robert School held an assembly to recognize veterans who have served our military who are currently serving our country. Later that same evening, middle school students performed in a Veterans Day themed concert as well. This is the first year St. Robert School is having a concert to honor veterans. Tom Stilp plays in the string ensemble and says “ I think it’s going to be fun to be able to play at the Veterans concert especially with supporting all the veterans for their service.”

On the night of the eleventh at 6:30 p.m., all middle schoolers returned to St. Robert after the end of their school day and performed songs of patriotism and gratitude for the audience. One student in the band Aaron Egan said, “ We’ve done really well so far with some inconveniences but they’ve been fixed so I think everyone will like watching the concert.” The 7th and 8th grade choir sang “America the Beautiful” accompanied by 7th and 8th string members, and they performed “Singing Freedom’s Song.” The 7th and 8th grade band played “Hymn to the Fallen” and “Armed Forces Salute” while the 6th  grade band shared a performance of “America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee) and “Hard Rock Blues.” Finally, the 6th grade choir sang “Amazing Grace” and “I Hear America Singing.” 

Earlier that same day, some of the musicians had a chance to share their music with veterans who had been invited to the school. In order to honor their service, members of the strings department and choir performed. 7th and 8th graders sang “O’ Beautiful” accompanied by the 7th and 8th grade strings. Ms. Gall replied, “Each choir will do their best to perform their best.” The song resembled the beauty of America and how the soldiers who served and are serving helped make this country so beautiful. One 8th grader, Caroline, also performed a solo rendition of “Hallelujah.” 

The veterans have inspired many, showing how they have protected and served our country in different ways. This concert hoped to honor these men and women while also inspiring young students to help protect and serve our country as they grow. 

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