The Abandoned Puppy


Josie G, Columnist

I stretched out wide, yawning deeply as I did so, I shook my furry head, searching around my crate anxiously. My eyes lit up immediately at the sight of my favorite toy, Snuggle Pup. I shifted myself so that my head lay on his, my paw wrapped around his. I waited patiently for the quiet footsteps that greeted me every morning. I grunted, the morning ritual was taking longer than usual. I scratched anxiously at my cage, begging to be let out.  

A soft pitter patter echoed above me, and I whined giddily in anticipation. The door creaked open, and a soft light flooded through the room. My mom slid into the room, eye bags beneath her eyes heavy. She yawned deeply, scratching her head as she unlatched my cage. I skipped towards her, getting out of the crate, and opened my mouth to lick her face. Mom groaned and shot up, turning on her heel to get her breakfast. 

I stared at my mom, whining angrily at her ignorance. All she did was roll her eyes impatiently. The nerve! I felt myself begin to shake as she got her cereal ready, not bothering to even greet me good morning. All I wanted was a “Good morning, Crew” and a few kisses and hugs. Was that too much to ask? 

Mom plopped herself down at the table, eating her banana and cereal quickly. I waited at her feet for my usual breakfast, but I didn’t get a single bite of the banana! I whined loudly, yet I heard not a single peep from Mom in response to my complaints. I was starting to worry when she dismissed me of my normal routine of waking everyone in the family up. If I could cry as humans did with tears flowing down their cheeks, I would. There were no words to compare to describe what I felt at that moment. I was so heartbroken, so devastated that my own mom would ignore me. 

I barked loudly, so loudly the house vibrated. My bark echoed through the walls of the house, showing my family I am not to be messed with like this. There is no response. Nobody hushed me or told me to be quiet. There is only the sound of the kids waking up, tiny feet shuffled across the floors above my head. I barked again, waiting to be scolded this time. I prayed and yearned for some sort of reaction out of them. 

I laid my head down on the couch in defeat. My family raced down the stairs, trying to get to the door on time. I sighed, nuzzling my head down further into the seat. 

“Crew! Come here!” My head whipped towards my dad. There my family was, sitting in a tight circle at the table, with a treat for me. I raced towards them. My legs flew behind me and my shaggy hair flopped against my back. I barked, this time happy. “Happy Birthday!” 

The flavor exploded on my tongue. My taste buds danced for joy as the delicious treat filled my senses. There was not a happier time in my life for a dog like me. The pure bliss I was experiencing from my family was indescribable. I was as happy as a pup could be.

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