The Deathly Tornados


Emme L, Columnist

Several states, such as Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee, were recently hit by devastating tornadoes. At least thirty tornadoes were reported throughout those states. The first tornado was reported on December 10, 2021 at 8:49 pm. Winds exceeded up to eighty miles per hour, damaging homes and impacting many families’ lives. Now, families are struggling to bounce back from the physical damage and loss that took place.

In Mayfield, Kentucky, The Nork York Times says, “about 110 people came together and huddled inside a candle-making factory while a tornado ripped through it.” The traveling tornado had ripped through the factory, and nine people had been reported dead out of the 110 present that day. At least seventy other people were also reported dead in Kentucky as well. Over in Tennessee, “storms kill at least 4 in Tennessee as winds exceed 80 miles per hour.”

Furthermore In Illinois, “officials said that at least six people had been killed at an Amazon warehouse.” The tornado completely destroyed the warehouse since the warehouse took a direct hit from the tornado. The warehouse was taken down at 8:16 pm.

Affected states are striving to raise money to fix the affected states by raising money to fix the damage. All states are coming together as one to help fix damage. Hopefully, the states can raise enough money to fix all damage.



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