The Magnificent New Office

Alexander O and Charlie F, Media Team

Prior to this fall, the St. Robert School office had not been remodeled in 62 years! However, because of a substantial donation and funds raised through the Emerald Auction, the office was recently remodeled. The new office has lots of light, a kid-friendly atmosphere, and the new office lets the staff work more efficiently.

The new office is filled with bright lights all around the working environment as well as natural light flooding in from large windows. Mrs. Hagedorn, the St. Robert School’s receptionist says, “It is a beautiful space; it has bright light, and there are windows all around the office.” The big windows let in a lot of light to make the space super bright. Also, the bright color scheme lets the light reflect off everything. The bright space makes for a wonder-filled space. The new office is full of happiness and joy thanks to all the light shining through. 

Not only is there a lot of light in the new office, but the new office provides a friendly atmosphere for kids of all ages. Mrs. Felber exclaimed that “I think the kids really like it; I think it is just a happier place and the countertops are kid-friendly.” The new office is more of a kid-friendly environment due to the color choices and a low countertop. The kids love that they can just walk into the open and easily see over the counter, a place they can easily reach no matter their age. Also, the office gives children space to sit, read, and have space to talk to Mrs. Hagedorn or Mrs. Beckmann. The students at the school are very joyful when they walk into the new bright office, and if they are upset entering, they are likely to smile upon their exit after a welcoming visit! 

The new office also lets staff members complete their work quickly and effectively. “The new office is a bigger and brighter space. It helps me work faster and more efficiently,” Ms. Hagedorn noted. The new office allows three staff members to run the school effectively as they have better focus and organization due to the office layout and organizational spaces. The office has enough space to hold a lot of school documents as well as many people. “One time a whole class was in the office,” Ms. Hagedorn explained. The old office had a lot of walls, which closed in the space and made it feel more congested, but now the walls are knocked and there is much more space for people to meet and talk. The new office is a great new renovation as the office is a key part of running the school. 

The new office is a great new feature to St. Robert. The office was a great choice to renovate because of the struggles that visitors had in the previous small space which was not kid-friendly.. St. Robert also really needed a renovation since the office has not been remodeled since the 1960s. The office is a very important part of the school since it is there that Mrs. Beckmann along with Mrs. Felber and Mrs. Hagedorn complete their daily task to keep the school running.

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