Fantastic Forensics!

Rohan M, Columnist

With yet another season of forensics in the books, St. Robert School once again takes the top in the Middle Level Forensics Association of Wisconsin. Ms. DeLapp and the super speaker squad of middle schoolers have won the state title at the past three state tournaments. Part of the success that DeLapp’s team has earned is accounted for by the hours of endless planning and preparation leading up to the state tournament. For some members, it’s planning their piece ahead of time, and for Ms. DeLapp, it’s “More hours than [she] would like to count” in order to prep, train, and support the teams, coaches, and judges through a successful season.

One of the most important aspects of any sport is preparation, and while forensics may not qualify as a traditional sport, the effort put in is no different. Making sure everything – meets and practices alike – runs smoothly and effectively results in countless hours so that everyone involved has a sound and productive experience on the team. Planning events, collecting and cutting pieces for selection, and booking in practice time are just a few of the things Ms. DeLapp does to get the season running. All of this planning ensures that the machine of forensics is well-oiled and ready for competition. Atop of all this planning, Ms. DeLapp also is a member of the MLFA executive board, making sure that the whole league runs smoothly.

After preparation, there is, of course,  the tournament season. Members of the St. Robert forensics team, 6th through 8th grade, all pick a category at the start of the year. Team members will pick a singular piece that they perform at every event throughout the season. Performing these pieces efficiently and smoothly leads the team to success, and after eight years, Ms. DeLapp’s team is accustomed to winning. 

The focus of forensics is improving public speaking skills. For many of the students (and adults), public speaking can be a challenge. Madison, a 7th grader, says that she joined forensics to work on her public speaking. This skill building is a huge benefit to those involved as most people need that skill later in life. Forensics is very unique in that way, because not only do participants learn how to perform their piece, but they get better at speaking in all situations as the season progresses. 

Ms. DeLapp upholds one of the most successful forensics teams in recent history. DeLapp’s Bobcats have won three state championships in a row, and numerous first place finishes in minor tournaments throughout the year. While this year’s state tournament was filled with a lot of dancing in addition to the public speaking, the St. Robert’s team remained focused and still finished on top. In addition to a team championship, several students earned individual awards in their category at the state tournament.

Forensics plays a big role in the St. Robert school year for many middle schoolers. The team has been growing every season due to the success and recognition that the team has received. Forensics is a really good way for students, and teachers alike, to grow in multiple skills. While long, the forensics season provides an opportunity for students to improve on public speaking, a skill that all will need in life. 



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