The Upcoming School Secratary

Aaron E, Columnist

At the end of this year, the current secretary, Ms. Hagedorn is retiring. In light of her absence, current 7th grade religion teacher Ms. Davenport is filling her position. Ms. Davenport was the new religion teacher who filled part of Mr. Russell’s vacancy at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year. She proved to be a great teacher, receiving many  positive affirmations from her 7th grade students. 

At the end of this year, Ms. Davenport originally planned to go into religious life, but her plans have changed. When asked about this she said, “I still think that this is a possibility for me someday, just not right now!” She still hasn’t ruled out religious life, but for now, that is not where she is being called to serve. She hopes that her new position as secretary will be fulfilling. She also claimed that “I realized that I wasn’t quite ready to enter a convent, [and] I was hoping to be able to remain at St. Robert School.” A convent is a Christian community made up of mostly nuns where people can devote their life to Christ, depending on the Charism of the specific order, how they carry out their vocation can vary from group to group. 

As she transitions to her new position, she will find that, secretaries usually have many priorities they have to deal with simultaneously in a school environment. Some things may be difficult as she takes on this new role, but some parts of the job will be more familiar to Davenport. Ms. Davenport claims to believe, “it will have all sorts of unique challenges- it’s like juggling all day every day. At the same time, doing the tasks that the secretary is responsible for (answering phones, recording information, etc) is something I am accustomed to from other jobs.” It seems that Ms. Davenport already has some experience at secretarial tasks, which most likely means there will be a good outcome when she fills the secretary position. 

On the other hand, secretaries at schools usually have to deal with the foolish antics of the young children as well as middle schoolers who get sent out of class for poor behavior. When asked about how she would deal with the littlest rascals in the school, Ms. Davenport said, “It comes fairly naturally to me; they’re so much fun!” It looks like she has high hopes for her new job. 

In conclusion, the secretary position is in good hands for the future. As the school year comes to a close, the students will be cherishing their last moments with their teacher, Ms. Davenport. The 7th grade students will miss their teacher, but they are also looking forward to stopping by to see her in the office.  

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