The Spectacular 7th Grade Sports Season

Liam S, Columnist

What an end to the St. Robert basketball and volleyball season in 7th Grade! The 7th grade sports season was great for 8th graders, but how did the 7th graders perform, and how will it affect a difficult, and new 8th grade season? 8th grade is the highest competition of any sports season in St. Robert sports. The Seton Volleyball Tournament is in November and later in the year, the Padre Serra Tournament for basketball starts, which is the biggest basketball tournament in Southeastern Wisconsin. How do the students think they will perform?

Let’s see how the 7th grade boy’s volleyball team did. “We struggled. We played 8th graders,” says Timmy, a member of the Boys 7th grade Volleyball team. The 8th graders did not have enough boy’s volleyball players, so they joined the 8th grade in their season.“Next year we will be bigger, stronger, and have more experience because we were facing better opponents.” The volleyball team sadly could not pick up a win in the season, but “we definitely tried our best,” says Charlie Fricano, another member of the volleyball team. “I expect next year we will make it to the Seton Tournament,” says Timmy. 

The girls’ volleyball team, however, “did really well,” says Julia. The girl’s volleyball team had the most successful season, winning tournaments and finishing well in conference play. “It’s our favorite sport, and our chemistry is really high when we’re on the court,” she says. “We expect a deep run next year in the Seton Tournament, maybe even a banner,” Julia confirms. 

As for basketball, the boys overall had a “decent season” according to Timmy. The boy’s team had “ups and downs.” The highlight of their season is when they beat their rivals, St. Joseph’s, by 20 points at the end of the year. “The lowlight is when we lost to St. Eugene,” said Timmy. “Next year our goal is trying to get to the Padre Serra tournament,” says Timmy. Just like he said for Volleyball, “We will be bigger and stronger, and hopefully we can stay a little more focused.” The boy’s basketball team “was the most fun to watch last year. The competitiveness is super entertaining,” says Alex Ohad, who watched the boys basketball team this past season.

The girl’s basketball season was just “really fun,” says Julia, “We didn’t win a game, and points were very scarce, but we had fun, and tried our best. Volleyball is where we get competitive.” Julia expects a really fun year for 8th grade St. Robert’s volleyball. Overall, Girl’s basketball may not have been so successful, but they’ll hope to have an improvement next year.


In conclusion, the 7th grade sports season was a success, and it will set next year’s students up great for next year’s eighth grade season. But not only will they do great, they will have a ton of fun.

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