Setting The Bar For The Boys Volleyball Team

Rohan M, Columnist

While some can find the new school year challenging, one thing that students can agree on is being excited for school sports. Arguably the most popular sport at St. Robert, volleyball, is back and better than ever. The eighth-grade boys volleyball team this year has a chance to qualify for the Seton tournament for the first time in years, and they are hoping to not only qualify, but make a dent in the yearly tournament. 

Aaron, a player on the volleyball team, shared that while his team may not be the best this year, he still thinks that they could make some good progress in the tournament. Just as it is in basketball, the end of the year tournament for volleyball is exclusive to eighth graders. Considering this, players only have one shot at the yearly tournament. Ever since fifth grade, the St. Robert team has been building for the tournament this year, in their final season together. The team has made many strides since fifth grade, not only improving skillswise, but bonding and growing as a team. A new challenge arises this year though as the team has merged with Holy Family due to lacking numbers. James and Henry, two Holy Family eighth graders, have joined the Bobcats this year. 

In the four games the Bobcats have played thus far, they have earned one win and three losses. Their record does not accurately showcase the strength of the team, as all sets lost have been decided by five points or fewer, making them very tight games that were played well by the Bobcats. St. Robert has been competitive with every team they have played this season, but they have struggled with pushing the envelope in order to get ahead. Polishing every rally they receive towards the end of the game can boost their success tremendously and will provide the team with a better track record for the end of the year. 

Mrs. Egan, a mom of one of the players, thinks that the team has grown over the years. She noted that they have transformed from fifth graders who lacked the hand eye coordination to play volleyball to coming together and playing in the A division as eighth graders. From fifth to eighth grade, the boys have not only played well together as a team, but grown in personal skill as well. Surprisingly, this is only the second season the boys have played with their team as a cohesive unit. In sixth grade, the boys did not have a season due to COVID. In seventh grade, the boys had to play with the older eighth graders, and unfortunately they did not win a game. Even with all the hindrances, the boys team is still a very well-rounded team. The team is full of multi-sport athletes, which allows the boys to pick up certain skills very quickly and experience early success. 

The four years the Bobcats have played volleyball have been full of ups and downs. One of the most important things though is that the Bobcats have a chance of a lifetime this year. Not only can the Bobcats make the Seton tournament, but they have the firepower to tear through the tournament. Go Bobcats!

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