The Future of Mail Awaits

Carolina K., Off Campus

Amazon recently announced the release of a brand new Amazon Robot that will bring delivery service into the future. The Amazon robot was designed during the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. Thus far, Amazon has only released the robot in Atlanta, Georgia, and Franklin, Tennessee. The new machine makes deliveries more efficient due to decreasing human-to-human contact, which originally aimed to provide some protection in situations like the pandemic. 


Amazon has not released much information about the robot, but people are convinced that this invention leads the way into the future of tech! The robot will only operate on business days, Mondays through Fridays, during daylight hours. Furthermore, the little machine will only be delivered to Amazon Prime members who choose one or two-day delivery with their purchases. Weather can also inhibit the robot’s services as the company may not risk the machine in extreme heat or cold climates. The climate has to be just right in order to protect this revolutionary technology. Clearly, people should not expect to see the bot driving around during a hurricane or a blizzard.


The robot came to be once Amazon chose to partner with Scout, a company that is changing the world with robot technology. Amazon’s new robot designed by Scout can travel up to fifteen miles per hour. The machine is battery-powered and can last without a charge for a long time. The Amazon robot without packages inside weighs at least 100 pounds. Currently, many states will prohibit the bot from traveling at speeds over six mph. Despite this restriction, the service will still be effective as the robot can sense if there is a person, a pet, or construction blocking its way as it attempts to move through the world. The robot is very conscious of its surroundings and is able to ensure safety for the community. 


While the bot has not been fully implemented, Amazon has begun to test its robots in several cities in Tennessee and in Atlanta, Georgia. The Amazon robot will make delivery safer and faster. That being said, the bots themselves cost a lot to manufacture, priced at about $1,000 per machine.


 hopes that they will have the robots up and running in most of the states soon. The company has also made a point to explain that these machines will not replace human workers entirely. The only thing the robots will do is help deliver select packages faster and more efficiently. In doing so, they aim to deliver a better, more powerful future to our doorstep.

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