Math Makes Sense with Ms. Slavinsky

Alexander O, Coloumnist


Ms. Slavinsky is the new leader of the middle school math program in the 2022-2023 school year. Ms. Slavinsky stepped away from the old math curriculum and has applied her years of experience in teaching mathematics to help the St. Robert middle school students learn math more effectively.


Aaron, an 8th grade student at St. Robert, states that “‘[Ms. Slavinsky] has really stepped up the math program even though a majority of the students have been behind.’” Ms. Slavinsky has taken matters into her hands by using her own time to update middle schoolers on math skills and concepts. Ms. Slavinsky has greatly improved the math program according to Aaron and many other St. Robert middle school students. Aaron also says that “[Ms. Slavinsky]… is really putting us back on track so we are ready for high school.” Ms. Slavinsky wants the best for her students, especially the 8th graders who are only months away from graduation. Aaron is very grateful for the new math curriculum that Ms. Slavinsky has brought to the school


Ms. Slavinsky brings years of experience to the St. Robert math program. When Ms. Slavinsky was asked how many years of teaching she has she claimed, “Too many.” In addition to her years of experience teaching Math, Ms. Slavinsky homeschooled her children through 8th grade and has done tutoring. Ms. Slavinsky also substituted at other middle schools and highschools in addition to teaching at them shortly after. Ms. Slavinsky states that “St. Robert has a fantastic faculty and staff that has been very supportive [towards her and her new math curriculum].” Ms. Slavinsky previously worked at Pius with Ms. Ward, which was how she was brought to St. Robert. Using the standards and her knowledge of high school math expectations, she has built new units of study. She has given the St. Robert middle school math students the opportunity to soar higher than standard growth expectations by giving up her own time to help them.


Ms. Slavinsky has taken a big risk by changing up the St. Robert Math curriculum, but thus far the drastic changes  have paid off greatly. As Aaron notes that Ms. Slavinsky has greatly stepped up his own learning in the subject area as well as helping his classmates better under math skills. Ms. Slavinsky is a great new addition to the school and has put in a lot of effort into supporting the needs at the school.

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