Noel’s Christmas Adventure

Josie G, Columnist

Flying through the cold winter air was exhilarating until I crashed straight into the North Pole, was nearly beaten to death by a reindeer, and got lost in a flurry full of hail. Everything about this night was the opposite of Christmas – there were no sweet candy canes, hot chocolate, or presents by a warm fire. Instead, I was cold to the bone, my elf hat sagging with heaviness to the side of my head because of the onslaught of snow. I was a shell of an elf—I felt empty. Despite this feeling, I remembered my goal: Get yourself together Noel. You have a family to surprise. 

I continued to battle through the harsh winds, my tears freezing onto my face. Tonight was Christmas Eve, and my mission was to surprise my assigned family the next morning. As an elf, it was my duty to surprise little kids in the morning, I wasn’t going to fail this job. 

The polar bears below me roared and growled at the howling wind. The coldness seeped into my red outfit, ripping away the last shred of dignity I had preserved. Bits of hail began to fly at me as the storm grew more intense, but I trudged onward. I battled through the cold, so I could save a little boy and girl from getting their hearts broken. 

After about four hours of flying, I could finally see Chicago: home to my assigned family. The lights on the house sparkled and gleaned under the moonlight. Everything inside of me sprung to life like a Christmas tree at the sight. I could finally be with my family! Thoughts of the kids’ happy faces filled my heart with tons of happiness. I could hardly wait to surprise them. 

As I neared the house, I debated the best location to hide. I dashed to and from hiding spots. Springing into the air like an acrobat. I stopped in the pantry but decided it wasn’t Christmassy enough for my taste. Anticipation soared in me as I ran through place after place to hide. After a long few minutes of thinking, I settled on hiding within the Christmas tree. The tree was the perfect place to end the Christmas season. I knew the kids would be so excited to see me up in the branches alongside the Christmas star. 

Rumbling from up above me heightened my senses. I put on my best smile, gleaming with pride. As they rounded the corner, I could see each kid’s face. Their cheeks were red, and their hair was messy from sleep. All I felt was love for this family. loved seeing their faces light up at the sight of me. My arm was wrapped around an ornament. Even the parents were a bit starry-eyed. Even though it was a long experience, I knew it was worth it. Seeing those happy faces really puts the bow on the present.

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