The Spring Musical

Sophia L. and Maribel M.

St. Robert School puts on a production each year, which is then performed by none other than the middle school students. The show this year is Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka Jr. The musical is being run by parent volunteers and the two wonderful directors: Ms. Fizwater and Mrs. Hall. This year many 7th graders have earned lead roles, such as Carolina C, (Willy Wonka) and Axel Z, (Charlie Bucket). Regardless of the role they were given, many students are excited for the opening of this year’s show. The first middle school musical at St. Robert took place in 1997 when the school put on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamCoat. Since then, the musical has evolved into something that brings joy and excitement to both the actors and audience. 

Josie, 8th grader at St. Robert School, is participating in this year’s show as Violet Beauregarde. Josie also enjoyed being a member of the cast in last year’s show The Little Mermaid Jr. but was unfortunately unable to participate in the 2021 show due to COVID-19. When the musical was reintroduced to the middle school following the pandemic, many kids were delighted to hear the old tradition would be kept alive. Due to last year’s musical success and popularity, many students have returned to the musical program to perform Willy Wonka Jr. Josie says,“I enjoy the musical and find it really supportive.” Many of her friends are doing the musical this year and are supporting her since she has a lead role. She also says, “Practicing lines is difficult and overwhelming but many are very helpful and support me.” This shows the wonderful community the musical provides. 

The main role of Willy Wonka is played by 7th grader Carolina. Carolina is under a lot of pressure since she is only a 7th grader and is playing a male role. Regardless of the pressure, Carolina was thrilled to be a big part of this year’s production. Carolina explains she is Willy Wonka and “a lot of my friends participate.” Last year, she appeared as one of Ursula’s tentacles in The Little Mermaid Jr. Carolina said that she enjoyed her role, but this year is a big step up. 

Charlie, an eighth grader participating in the St. Robert production, plays Mr. Bucket. Charlie explains, “I love the show, I did it last year as well and love to do it with my friends; it is a lot of fun.” He also participated in the show last year and played the role of a sailor and ensemble. He explains, “This year I wanted a bigger part and got Mr. Bucket.” In recent years, many seventh graders have gotten lead roles, meaning that the 8th graders like Charlie are learning to share the spotlight-and many don’t have to wait until their 8th grade year to fill those main roles on the stage. 

In conclusion, the St. Robert School musical is a wonderful experience for not only the students but the crowd who will watch it. It brings joy, creativity, happiness, excitement, and so much wrapped into just one show. All the cast is supportive and the musical has an amazing environment. All the adults and kids, who have spent many hours and a lot of hard work, will see their efforts pay off on opening night. Come and see Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka Jr. this spring at St. Robert School on the weekend of the 18th. 

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