Gowns for Graduation

Alex O, Columnist

In the 2022-2023 school year, Ms. Ward chose to have graduation gowns worn for the 8th grade graduation ceremony. This is the first time that St. Robert 8th graders have worn official gowns for graduation. The ceremony is an opportunity for the 8th graders to reflect on their achievements and the memories they have made throughout their time at the school. The graduation gowns will serve as a visual representation of their hard work and dedication, reminding the students of their accomplishments as they go into the next chapter of their life, High School.


Ms. Ward–the St. Robert School principal–stated that gowns were chosen for graduation “…to dress in a way to match all of the great things that the class has done.” The graduating class of 2023 have accomplished many things that will be cherished in St. Robert School for many years to come. These gowns show how special these students are and portray all that they have done. This change has sparked enthusiasm and curiosity among the students, making their graduation even more memorable.


The decision to introduce gowns for graduation has been met with mixed reactions from the students. Aaron, a St. Robert School 8th grader, stated that he does not want to wear gowns “because middle school graduation is not a big deal.” While some are thrilled about the new tradition, others are unsure about the change. The gowns will create a sense of unity and pride for the 8th grade students, symbolizing the successful completion of their middle school journey. 

In conclusion, the introduction of graduation gowns for St. Robert School’s 8th graders has added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to their upcoming graduation ceremony. Although opinions may vary among the students, this new tradition aims to bring a sense of unity and pride to the graduating class. As the students prepare to leave middle school behind and step into high school, these gowns will serve as a lasting symbol of their achievements and the memories they have shared together in school.

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