Mr. Andersen’s Field Day

Jacob B and Delaney D, Media Team

Mr. Andersen is the wonderful Gym Teacher at St. Robert School. He was with the school throughout COVID, and he was even kind enough to rejoin the staff when there was no one else to step up as PE teacher this school year. Not only does Mr. Andersen help all the students of St. Robert and make them better athletes, but he has also stepped up to the challenge of bringing back the school’s beloved tradition of field day. Prior to the pandemic, every school year ended with a field day, where teams of students had fun playing at stations planned and facilitated by the 8th grade students.

The idea to reignite this St. Robert tradition came about when Mr. Andersen was having an ordinary conversation with the 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Stefaniak, the topic of field day was brought up. Mr. Andersen looked at the photos of previous years doing field day, and he decided that he would bring it up with Ms. Ward to bring the day back. Thank to Mr. Andersen, field day will once again be a special and memorable day that students of all ages will love. 

With the enticing thought of field day being brought back to St. Robert School, 7th grader Carolina shares her thoughts and feelings about field day being brought back. When asked the question if she is happy that Mr. Andersen brought back field day, Carolina said that she was “really happy because it has been so long [since the last field day] that we haven’t had the chance to bond with other students in different grades.” As a Catholic school, St. Robert sees the best interest of all the students’ needs, and bonding with others is a big aspect of a catholic student’s life. Field Day, along with extracurricular activities such as basketball, volleyball, forensics, and so much more help students from all grades bond together into one big catholic family. As most people probably are, other students along with Carolina are quite excited that field day is being brought back. Carolina thinks that “it is good to be back because it gets [friends and classmates] involved, and we get to spend [some] quality time outdoors and indoors. [Field Day] is also good to be back because there are many different activities to do that are new and fun to try,” says Carolina, a 7th grader at St. Robert. 

With the exciting return of field day happening on March 26th, many students and teachers are excited to see what Mr. Andersen and the 8th graders have in store for the school.  There’s so many fun activities to try during field day and a wide variety of these activities. Stations may include wiffle ball, tug of war, relay races, cup stacking, scooter soccer, and Carolina’s favorite, the popsicle station. Overall, students and teachers alike are extremely excited to see that field day has been brought back by the one and only, Mr. Andersen. 


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