Cohort Mixing at Recess

Katherine P, Daily Life


For the 2020-2021 school year, COVID protocol has been pretty strict in order to keep everyone safe, but since COVID cases have been dropping, and vaccines are being distributed more and more, the protocol has been a little more relaxed. The biggest way the protocol has relaxed is mixing cohorts at recess instead of each class staying in their own square like it has been for the majority of this school year. Most students are very excited about this new switch, for it has been a while since they were able to mix with the other cohort in set grades.

The cohorts mixing during recess was a good thing to have right at the end of the year because that way students like the eighth graders getting a little bit of normalcy in their last weeks of school. Many students were very excited about the cohort square mixing and wanted it earlier in the year, but they were still very appreciative that the school safety team made this decision at this point. The safety team made this decision because the CDC guidelines have been relaxing more and more as they learn more about the virus; one major reason for the change is the knowledge that COVID can’t spread as easily outside. All the St. Robert students are excited to hopefully get some normalcy next year involving COVID protocols.

The teachers and students enjoy the cohorts mixing, too.  During COVID, St. Robert teachers, staff and administrators have had many more responsibilities.  They have to prepare lessons online and in class, ensure that the classrooms are clean, remind the students to keep their masks on, and keep the cohorts separated.  None of these things are easy, but telling kids who have grown up together and who may see each other outside of school to stay apart must not be a fun part of their job. Keeping the cohorts separated from each other is especially difficult at recess when everyone is trying to share one common space, and it is human nature to want to just walk over to a friend and hangout with them when you see them. Additionally, allowing students to mix during recess brings back some normalcy to the school day. Now, students play soccer, basketball, baseball, and simply have a chance to talk to all members of their grade level. Students and teachers alike are relieved.

Everyone can all agree that it has been a difficult school year.  By allowing student cohorts to mix at recess we all get a chance to enjoy the final weeks of the school year.  Let’s hope that this is the first step to getting back to normal. 

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