Mr. Andersen

Jacob B and Noah H, Media Team

  Mr. Andersen is the gym teacher of the 2022-2023 school year, and he has helped students get out of their comfort zone in sports. He has taught many students new techniques and how to be successful in sports. When he joined the staff this year, everybody anticipated a great school year full of fun in gym and recess. He might be different from the old gym teacher, Ms. Zehren, but he still helps and teaches everybody.  With some modifications, Mr. Andersen serves each of the 305 kids in the school.

Mr Andersen is a staple of St Robert School. He is known for his “very athletic lifestyle,” says one student. Mr. Andersen is helping every student improve in all of their athletic skills as well, whether that be in basketball, football, or jump roping.  “I enjoy doing this more than police work,” says Mr. Andersen. He was previously employed as a police officer, but has since then turned to focus on fitness.

In the school year of 2020 to 2021, the school was in dire need of a gym teacher. With the departure of Mr. J in 2020, St. Robert School was scrambling to come up with a new gym teacher. In the beginning of the year, the school employed Mrs. Steinberg, the yoga teacher; Mr. Harwood, who helped out with soccer in December; and then St. Robert struck its match with the Andersens. Mr. Andersen taught in the morning, and Mrs. Andersen taught in the afternoon. 

This year, Mr Andersen was asked back by the incoming principal, Ms. Ward. And so he did. Mr. Andersen is now a full time teacher at St. Robert. “Mr Andersen likes sports, and he is pretty funny but also not as strict as other teachers,” says Noah, a seventh grade student. Mr. Andersen has impacted this school so much, in so many ways.

Mr. Andersen really enjoys teaching at St. Robert. He also enjoys being a full time teacher better than a part time gym teacher as he was in the 2020 – 2021 school year. “I like full time, because I am getting to know kids better,” Mr. Andersen states. Mr. Andersen was inspired by his wife to become a fitness instructor. Mr. Andersen does not take the job lightly, and though he has to adapt his knowledge to younger kids, he finds some suggestions on some websites. “Mr. Andersen has helped in a lot of different ways, for a lot of different sports,” says one student. Mr. Andersen helps students learn about new sports and new techniques. When Mr. Andersen leaves next year, the school will miss him, and  the students will be anxiously waiting to see who takes his place.

Mr. Andersen enjoys teaching here at St. Robert more than his former job as a police officer. He likes to think of his new job as a stress reliever. When asked if it is difficult to teach here, he simply responded, “No, I enjoy teaching here.” The content that he teaches mostly comes from his own ideas, though he takes some ideas from a book. Mr. Andersen enjoys the feeling of being involved with sports as before he has spent time serving as a fitness instructor as well. He uses his past knowledge from that profession to come up with all sorts of things for the students to do, including the lessons in which he performs effortlessly. Mr. Andersen loves playing most of the sports he teaches, including basketball, soccer, jump roping, and many more. Mr. Andersen also trains his body to be at his peak fitness level so that he can be the best PE teacher. 

In conclusion, Mr. Andersen has changed the way St. Robert students see sports and their own physical fitness. He is “funny, kind, and helpful,” says another St. Robert student. He is being the light and helping students improve their athletic abilities. Mr. Andersen has helped many students by being the light, and when he eventually leaves next year because he is moving out of town, he will certanly not be forgotten.

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