This Kid is Taking Cancer Charities to the Next Level

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This Kid is Taking Cancer Charities to the Next Level

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In 2008, when Teagan Stedman was only eight years-old, he founded “Shred Kids’ Cancer”, which is an organization that combined  his passion for guitar and love for people working in cancer research. The inspiration for this organization began when his friend Alex was diagnosed with cancer, and in response, Teagan came up with the idea.

The non-profit public organization is dedicated to serving the community by offering a solution by helping fight kids’ cancer. It also allows individuals to show those who are suffering that there is hope and support for them in the community. The organization offers a unique opportunity for kids to actively help their peers who are battling cancer. Through the power of music, Shred Kids’ Cancer raises funds for cancer research and lets children diagnosed with cancer know that they are not fighting this scary disease alone.

Not only does Shred Kid’s Cancer promote cancer awareness and gather donations, but it also supports child empowerment and shows that children have voices that are just as loud as adults. Adults are hardly in the picture as the organization is run mainly by kids. Parents and adult experts are involved behind the scenes in the corporate world (alongside the five kids on the board of directors), helping to create and update the website, promoting social media sites, creating flyers, designing iphone apps, and more.

The board of directors also runs board meetings, writes letters and powerpoint presentations, spreads the word with media, presents and speaks to other community based charities (like City Year LA and Boys Team Charity), recruits celebrities, obtains auction items, runs various events, and organizes kid-driven entertainment.

Stedman has won many awards, such as the World of Children Youth Award in 2017, the Teen Nick HALO Effect Award, the YSA Service Award, the World Summit Youth Award, and many more for his creativity and his approach to helping people battling cancer. With thousands of kids being involved in over 25 events, Shred Kids’ Cancer has raised over 375,000 dollars and funded 9 clinical trials.

Stedman is now 17 years old and he is currently working with the University of Connecticut Health’s Institute for Regenerative Engineering to formulate, develop, and perform experimental research under a National Science Foundation Grant. Teagan will also become a 2017 GlobeChanger in the GlobeChangers program. Who knows whats next for Teagan, but we can guarantee he’s off to a great start.

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