The Master Pianist

Sebastian D. and Max F.

For the past three years, Mr. Donica has been teaching many kids piano here at St. Roberts. Not only does Mr. Donica teach kids at St. Robert, but he also shows off his amazing piano skills at concerts. Mr. Donica states, “I currently teach 38 students” how to harness their inner musician by developing their skills on the piano. Evie, a 7th grader, is one of the thirty-eight students who is taught by Mr. Donica. According to Evie, “Mr. Donica is a great teacher.” Mr. Donica helps our school in great ways including, teaching students songs and how to play, and plays for students and Mrs. Gall and concerts.

Kids at St. Robert may choose to learn piano for many reasons. Firstly, it’s fun to learn how to make music and even perform music that’s already written. It may also be a family tradition to learn to play the piano. Learning the piano also provides skills that are great to have. For example, learning piano helps teach the learner what different notes sound like, which can help with singing or playing other instruments. Learning how to play the piano also requires the pianist to learn sheet music, which is a very important skill for all instruments and for vocal arrangements. Lastly, it can help hand-eye coordination.

Not only does Mr. Donica teach students here at St. Robert, but he also plays the piano at concerts for other programs. While Mrs. Gall is directing students on what to sing in school concerts, Mr. Donica plays the piano to help her and the students alike. When Mrs. Gall needs more complex music and needs assistance with playing the songs, Mr. Donica is always there to help her. Mr. Donica also plays at recitals with other kids that he plays with including students at this school.

In conclusion, Mr. Donica is a great teacher to have at St. Robert, and all his skills are greatly appreciated by everyone. Mr. Donica has helped many students learn and complete many songs. Mr. Donica is a very nice and generous teacher and hopes he comes back next year. The class greatly appreciates Mr. Donica and they hope that he will stay for more years to come.

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