Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup

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Have you ever seen Milk Makeup products online or in stores and wondered why this brand is so popular?

Milk Makeup was founded in 2015 by the co-founder of Milk Studios, Mazdack Rassi and his wife, a beauty and fashion editor. The company worked on the collection for three years before the brand officially launched to the public in 2015. Georgie Greville, the director of Milk’s in-house production company stated, “I was doing creative direction in Milk’s voice for a lot of other brands, and the idea of a makeup brand was always thrown around.” She continues, “MAC (which is another makeup brand) had always sponsored Milk’s beauty vanities in all the studios and we were always like, This is kind of weird, what if we did our own thing?”

It turns out, that was an excellent idea! Each Milk product has sleek, simple packaging, with products like bronzer, highlighter, primer, and blush in the form of a stick. If consumers want just a natural, dewy look, this brand is for them! Milk sells a heavy range of foundations, concealers, powder, eyeshadow, and more. Still, these products are not just for those who go for natural looks.

Makeup wearers can go bold with Milk brand’s eye pigment, which is liquid eyeshadow that comes in packaging that is like how their concealer is packaged. Their concealer comes in a tube-like packaging. There’s also a huge collection of holographic highlighters, which gives the wearer the blinding highlight  often seen on Instagram. St. Robert student Lexi states that “I personally have not tried any Milk products, but I have tried other brands similar to it. I think that the brand seems very chic and natural, which I love.”

In addition to creating makeup products that are exciting to get at a beauty store, Milk also offers skincare items. Some of their most popular skincare products are their face masks, their matcha toner, and their hydrating oil stick. Equally exciting to pull out of a makeup bag, these items that are actually good for the skin, with their products being formulated with ingredients like coconut, orange peel, and fruit butters to nourish people’s skin.

Whether consumers are searching for the right makeup to wear to a social event are looking for good skin care supplies, or just want to have fun with makeup, they can be guaranteed that Milk Makeup is the brand for them!


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