Washington D.C Riots

Nathan S, Columnist

On January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C. at one o’clock in the afternoon, rioters began to climb the stairs of the Capitol Building to try to get inside. Rioters smashed windows, fought Capitol security and police, and forced their way inside the building. Some came through the windows and others forced their way through the front doors. Police were overwhelmed and were easily overtaken by the crowd.

The rioters came from a Trump rally that was happening nearby earlier in the day. Some sources say that Trump’s rally and speech encouraged people to storm the Capitol. The group entering the Capitol was very pro-Trump and some were carrying flags that read “Trump 2020” while others held the traditional “Don’t Tread on Me” flag or versions of the American flag. Many people in the crowd were not wearing masks and were very close together. This could have led to a massive influx in COVID-19 cases in Washington D.C.

One person present in the crowd was Jake Angeli. People shared photos of him inside the Capitol holding an American flag that was tied to a spear. He was also holding a bullhorn. At one point, he was pictured shirtless. Jake Angeli was very noticeable at the Capitol due to his unique appearance; he was wearing face paint, a fur hat, and a helmet with horns. Another person that had many pictures taken of them was Richard Barnett. Barnett supports gun rights in Arkansas and he was spotted sitting in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk with his feet up. This was an odd and scary day for America and left many people injured and arrested. Along with the many injured, there were four fatalities including a police officer and a woman who was shot by Capitol security. Details of the other two fatalities have not been shared publicly. This day will always be remembered by Americans and many other countries around the world as well. This story was the top story for many different nations as people looked on in awe and confusion at the disruption to American democracy.

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