New Era of St. Robert with Ms. Ward

Alexander O, Coloumnist

In the 2022-2023 school year St. Robert brings on a new principal, Ms. Ward. She has brought with her many ideas that she has implemented in order to improve the school and its community. Ms. Ward, guided by her years of experience, is working to help the St. Robert students have a better learning environment and grow into strong, moral citizens of the world. 


Rohan, an 8th grade student at St. Robert, thinks that Ms. Ward is a welcome fresh face for the school. One new rule that affects middle school students, like Rohan, is the new use of infractions. Infractions have replaced the PEP card that has been used for many years. Ms. Ward thought that the PEP card did not help the teachers with the behavior grades on the report card. Now, the Infractions have more categories aligned with standards assessed on the report card. Another new program that Ms. Ward has already added is the Bobcat Bucks incentive program. A Bobcat Buck is given to students when they show positive behavior in the school. Rohan thinks that this will guide students to success by giving them something to work for. A Bobcat Buck can be used for various things at the end of a trimester. For instance, if a student collects thirty of them, he or she can buy an out of uniform pass that can be used on Monday – Thursday. Students can also choose to purchase a movie with the principal for thirty five Bobcat Bucks. Rohan also says that the Bobcat Bucks give great motivation for the younger students of St. Robert to be a good disciples in school.


Before coming to St. Robert, Ms. Ward had over 25 years of experience being a principal. She has taught at 16 different Cathlic schools in 5 different states. Ms. Ward states that she is so very grateful to be at St. Robert. Ms. Ward shares that the students and teachers have been so kind to her as the new principal. Ms. Ward’s first time being principal was many years ago when she was teaching at a school and was asked to be principal. At first, she did not want the job because of her great love of teaching, but then she agreed to be principal and found out she loves it too. This lets Ms. Ward connect with the faculty and students in a new way.


Ms. DeLapp, a middle school ELA teacher, shares that Ms. Ward has done a phenomenal job in making an effort to learn about the St. Robert community. Ms. DeLapp also states that Ms. Wards theme of the year “Be the Light” has reminded students and teachers of St. Robert to be a reflection of Christ’s love and joy for each other. Ms. DeLapp’s admires Ms. Ward’s recognition that having a new person leading the school is a significant change for everyone, so Ms. Ward has made it a priority to get to know students, families and teachers.


Ms. Ward coming to St. Robert was a big change, but the St. Robert community has handled the change in leadership very well. Her caring, positive energy has already helped to calm many anxious moments. She has kept everything calm and orderly and has taken her time to get to know everybody. Ms. Ward has spread her positive energy throughout the school, which has given the school a more caring and loving environment.

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